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NOT COOL [Nov. 16th, 2009|02:13 am]
Robin Bougie

A friend just wrote to tell me that someone has just uploaded Cinema Sewer #10 to #20 onto a popular movie torrenting site. In the email he says:


"I dunno how you feel about that since most of those issues are out of print now and the uploader DOES tell everyone to go to your site and buy your stuff. But at the same time most of that material is in the new book too and it is still redistriuting your shit without you being involved, and for free.

So I dunno, but i thought you'd at least like to know that not only are DVD's being given away for free, and music being given away for free but books and fanzines are now being given away for free too.

In my estimation there is less and less point in doing any of this because the pople who put the money up to do the actual work wont be able to afford it much longer..."


I can't say I'm too thrilled about that.

On the one hand, downloading rare out-of-print movies that no one can get otherwise seems to be a perfect use of the technology. And music downloading makes a whole hell of of sense. Bands make all of their money from touring so giving the music away and getting lots of new fans is brilliant marketing.

But what the fuck do I get out of someone else giving away everything I do? Nothing. It's not "free advertising" for my next big tour or something. Those magazines and books are where I make the money to be able to keep printing it and making more. I have serious doubts that someone is gonna download #10 to #20 there for free and then turnaround and send me money for the same thing.

I'm kind of disgusted and disappointed that some fan of mine thought this was a good way to help me out. Thanks for nothing, asshole.

So what do you guys think? Am I not seeing the big picture here? Or am I justified in being pissed about this? Feedback, plz.

EDIT: (Nov 18th)
A lot of people are being linked here from other sites and aren't reading the comments below (I don't blame you, there are a lot to wade through) and are missing that I rethought the statement "Bands make all of their money from touring so giving the music away and getting lots of new fans is brilliant marketing". I'm still getting a lot of shit about it via email and other message boards, so I'm reprinting the comment here:

"When I said what I did about music and downloading in my original post, it certainly was more about mid level and bigger bands that can afford to tour, and do get to see the immediate benefits of downloading. It didn't take into account the millions of smaller bands that cannot, and have much more in common with zinesters. It wasn't a very well thought out aspect of my original post, and I apologize for that."

[User Picture]From: alexbot3000
2009-11-16 02:59 pm (UTC)
Earlier this year I found out that at least one of my books was available through one of these file sharing things. I felt angry and complained about it on my own blog and basically was told to get over it. Eventually I told myself that as someone who has copied plenty of CDs from the library I couldn't really take the moral high ground. I also realized that my book was several years old and a little on the expensive side so maybe there was something to the "free advertising" angle in this case.

Still, it does seem an ominous sign of things to come. Once digital books become more commonplace authors will find themselves in the same boat as musicians. "I think it's okay to steal comics since most of the cartoonists make most of their money from selling original art, t-shirts, etc."

Jay Marcy--I'm amused at your rationalization that stealing from musicians is okay but stealing from cartoonists is not.

Blatch--how about adopting a policy of asking the creators if they want their stuff available on the torrent site instead of putting the burden on them to ask to have it taken down (assuming they know it's up)?
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[User Picture]From: blatch
2009-11-16 08:39 pm (UTC)
Though I'm a member of the site, I'm not an admin, so I have no say on policy.
I just offered a possible solution to this current problem.
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